Chose your level of engagement. It's our experience you get out of coaching what you put into it, so we recommend you engage as fully as you you can.


You're committed to joining us on each coaching call, and participating doing the exercises, the habit actions each day, and sharing on the calls when you feel called to do so. You’ll be able to raise your hand, ask questions in chat, and even be called upon to share, and receive directly feedback on your experiences.


Join us on each coaching call, and in addition to download the Habit Share App to be connected with a our Coach, your fellow Challengers, and be assigned an Accountability Buddy for which you’ll be asked to check-in with daily to support each other on your journey.

How to get Panel Access

#1 – First click on this link to go download the app for your mobile device.

#2 – add our coaches email addresses as friends (,,

#3 – Look at our Habits and then Create Your Habits to match ours (Relax, Breathe, Allow, Emote)


Hot-Seat (Panel Access)

Join us on each coaching call, to download the Habit Share App and to get access to our Panel on each call which will enable your camera by default so you can readily share by raising your hand and getting the opportunity to share your experiences and receive direct feedback from our amazing coaches.

How to get Panel Access

Join the call 5-15 minutes early and put in the chat box, “I would like access to the Panel” along with a few details about yourself and your journey, like the type of pain you're dealing with, how long etc.

View Only

We designed these challenges to have a direct impact by live interaction and accountability, but we understand that sometimes the timing just isn’t right. Therefore you can continue to follow along with the Challenge in View-Only Mode by doing nothing, just opening emails and clicking through to each call when they are live.